Sydney Showground, Australia 12th-13th May 2018

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Bitcoin and Blockchain Forum

Hall 5, Sydney Showground, Australia 12-13th May 2018

Day 1, Saturday (9:30AM – 4:30PM)

12th May 2018 – Focus on Digital Currencies – ICO

Philip Bateman


MC & Program Coordinator

Supporting business, community and political leaders to realise their dreams, Philip focuses on business development consulting, content production, event speaking and C-level and executive training, having spent the past 9 years as CEO and Founder of Having worked with startups through to ASX top 50, he is passionate about technology, the natural environment, society and story telling, which combine with his business studies through Asia, a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and involvement in several Chambers of Commerce and professional member organisations including the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Growing up with technology from the BBS and modem days pre ‘modern internet’, Philip has witnessed and participated in the rise, fall and rise again of Digital Currencies.

Kimon Lycos

CEO at Forever Has Fallen ICO

What I learnt from my ICO

The Forever Has Fallen ICO is creating a unique global game and economy, based on blockchain technologies and an innovative use of transmedia storytelling. Player engagement is taken to a new level of addictiveness thanks to Forever Coin, a utility token which players have a stake in growing and can influence the popularity of. Blockchain delivers a new gaming experience and becomes a ledger for player status, achievements and digital goods. Smart Contracts enable rewards for players who contribute, build and recruit for the game, which in turn offers exceptional levels of scalability for creating game experiences and marketing. Forever Has Fallen is an ‘experience-game’, played with transmedia storytelling. Players interact with characters on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, websites and live events.

Joni Pirovich

Lawyer at Hall and Wilcox

Blockchain, crypto investing, ICO’s and tax implications

In this short session, we will discuss our views about the tax treatment of:

* Cryptocurrency transactions in general

* Crypto-crypto transactions

* Hard forks

* Utility tokens

We will also go through the options that may be available to you if you think you have not reported or incorrectly reported gains or losses from your cryptocurrency transactions, as well as business structures being considered for cryptocurrency investments, trading and ICOs.

Tim Tettenborn

Head of Communications at Crypto News Australia (CNA)

Blockchain and social impact

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have taken financial markets by storm however, there is still great uncertainty as to how they will impact our everyday lives in the years ahead. Tim challenges us to look closer at the Blockchain, it’s social impact, the history of value transactions, the detrimental flaws of centralised systems, transferring and keeping value safe and secure; and takes a sneak peek into the future of our society as a globally connected community that is being shaped and influenced in a deeply profound way.

Day 2, Sunday (9:30AM – 4:30PM)

13th May 2018 – All about Blockchain – Case Studies

What is the Blockchain?

Cryptocurrency & Cryptoequity- Get Ready for the Future of Money, Banking, Investment and Transactions

Fundamental mathematical inventions and ubiquitous decentralized network have made Cryptocurrency & Cryptoequity possible.

We are on the first few steps of a very long journey that will fundamentally transform our world.

New currency, new equity, smart contracts, smart authorizations and tokenization, all operating at the speed of light (or rather, the network), are portending a world where billions are emancipated and empowered to participate on a level playing field.

What are Cryptocurrency & Cryptoequity?  How will these technologies transform money, payments, finance and transactions

Beyond Bitcoin – what are the applications beyond currency & why are they important?  What companies are driving the Blockchain revolution

Tim Tettenborn

Head of Communications at Crypto News Australia (CNA)

Bitcoin and Blockchain Seminar Series

With guest speakers and panellists from all areas of the blockchain ecosystem

Fair Starts in:

Blockchain, the incredible new opportunity for better business

We are entering into a golden age of technology where the blockchain and smart contracts will bring evolution and positive change to all areas of our lives including green energy, healthcare, financial services, government, education, science, supply chain, sovereign digital identity protection, immutable voting, venture capital and much more.

The speaker forum sessions are a paid ticketed event.

Some of the topics covered will include…

Blockchain, the incredible new opportunity for better business

Blockchain Platform Solutions for business

Blockchain and government

Blockchain and Cyber Security - What you need to know

Blockchain and social impact

Women in Blockchain

Blockchain and Smart Cities

Blockchain and Health

Blockchain and Finance

Are ICO’s the new Venture Capital model

What are the challenges and opportunities for launching an ICO/ITO for my business

Government regulations for token creation

Lessons from a successful ICO launch

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies

What are the ATO requirements for crypto investors, traders

The exhibition floor space will be FREE entry for the public.

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