Sydney Showground, Australia 12th-13th May 2018

Speakers and Panel Sessions 2018

The Future is Here

Panel Sessions

With guest speakers and panellists from all areas of the blockchain ecosystem

Fair Starts in:

Blockchain, the incredible new opportunity for better business

We are entering into a golden age of technology where the blockchain and smart contracts will bring evolution and positive change to all areas of our lives including green energy, healthcare, financial services, government, education, science, supply chain, sovereign digital identity protection, immutable voting, venture capital and much more.

The speaker forum sessions are a paid ticketed event.

Some of the topics covered will include…

Blockchain, the incredible new opportunity for better business

Blockchain Platform Solutions for business

Blockchain and government

Blockchain and Cyber Security - What you need to know

Blockchain and social impact

Women in Blockchain

Blockchain and Smart Cities

Blockchain and Health

Blockchain and Finance

Are ICO’s the new Venture Capital model

What are the challenges and opportunities for launching an ICO/ITO for my business

Government regulations for token creation

Lessons from a successful ICO launch

Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies

What are the ATO requirements for crypto investors, traders

The exhibition floor space will be FREE entry for the public.

This an event not to be missed!!

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