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Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair 2018

VIP Key Note: Alex Saunders

Alex Saunders – CEO and Co-Founder at Nugget’s News

Alex Saunders has been living and breathing cryptocurrency since 2012 after discovering Bitcoin, the world’s 1st cryptocurrency application of blockchain technology. Initially Alex recognised most other cryptocurrencies offered little intrinsic value.

Genevieve Leveille - CEO of Biolife

Integrating 60 years of real bioscience health care solutions, BioLife is an on-chain asset digitization and private records handler for patients, investors and owners of global biomedical resources. Serving patients requiring specialized treatments, BioLife supports high-net-worth individuals in retaining their own electronic health records and accessing treatments. BioLife is integrating the world’s major life science resources within a digital ecosystem that underpins lifetime patient care and ensures global liquidity for high-end services.

Bradley Brown- National Manager for Strategic Intelligence and Policy

Bradley is the National Manager for Strategic Intelligence and Policy at AUSTRAC. Brad is responsible for delivering operational policy outcomes, which support AUSTRAC, its partner agencies and industry while leading research to assist in the understanding of emerging risks in the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing (AML/CTF) environment. Bradley joined AUSTRAC in 2004 as the Manager Strategic Analysis after a 15 year career with the Queensland Police Service. Bradley has performed leadership roles across AUSTRAC’s business within Intelligence, Program Management, Government Relations and Policy. He holds a Masters in Policing, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism.  

Joni Pirovich - Lawyer at Hall and Wilcox

Joni is an experienced tax adviser with particular know-how in structuring for corporate clients, private family groups and investment funds, and disputes with Federal and State taxation authorities. More recently, Joni has become significantly involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency matters including initial coin offerings, disputes, and the ASIC guidance regarding whether a coin constitutes a security, a financial product or a managed investment scheme. From a tax perspective, Joni has advised on the Australian tax treatment of cryptocurrency portfolios – at the individual and at the investment fund levels. In addition, Joni has recently participated in a consultation day with the ATO to inform the ATO about common tax issues in this area, for which further ATO guidance would be beneficial.

Tim Tettenborn - Head of Communications at Crypto News Australia (CNA)

Tim is Head of Communications at Crypto News Australia (CNA), the leading online media site for Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Currency News. Tim’s role at CNA is to ensure the communications of CNA aligns with the mission, which is to inform and educate people about cryptocurrencies. He is also the creator of the Mindful Communication Method (MindCom) that teaches individuals and businesses how to connect more effectively.

Kimon Lycos - CEO at Forever Has Fallen ICO

Managing Director specialising in marcom strategy and creative. Kimon Lycos is founder of Mihell & Lycos, a leading business-to-business marketing communications agency, helping companies sell technology and innovation to other companies. He is also an Adjunct Professor with RMIT University.

Adam Poulton - President at Get Paid In Bitcoin

Adam Poulton has been involved with several bitcoin projects dating back to 2012. Recent work has been with the Bitcoin Association of Australia in promotion of bitcoin and its benefits to the wider Australian population and involvement with the Federal Government and its agencies in getting bitcoin treated in a fair and equitable manner throughout the relevant regulatory framework.

Paul Kang - Co Founder at Entersoft

With a background in Software Engineering, Paul takes care of the APAC region. Passionate about empowering innovations, Paul has strong interests in Cyber Security and Safe Cities. He is SPOC at Entersoft that can help you achieve lasting security for your apps.

Jacqueline Plunkett - Intellectual Property Lawyer at Watermark Intellectual Property

Jacqueline’s experience includes commercialising IP, structuring, contracts and transfer of IP, managing complex multi-national trade mark and designs portfolios and providing copyright, passing off, geographical indications, consumer law, domain/business name, customs and export, enforcement, mediation and cross-jurisdictional advice.

Leon Gerard Vandenberg - Founder CTO & Platform Evangelist at SOLARA

Leon-Gerard Vandenberg is a technology and wireless executive maven, who is into Bitcoin, blockchains, and genomics. LG graduated B.A.Sc. in Systems Engineering, University of Waterloo, Canada and has since evolved his green and clean-tech skills through projects in defense and security. LG enjoys tangling conceptual adventures into live projects from a basis of systems design principles and critical thinking. He enjoys driving change by combining various disruptive technologies – today this means incorporating permissionless sensor networks, breakthrough hardware identity modules, SIM cards and new IoT devices alongside cloud services, AI and big data

Ash Hoey - Founder & CEO of RapidID

Ash Hoey is the founder & CEO of RapidID. He’s been working in the identity space for 8 years & has developed a number of businesses in real estate, tourism & finance prior to launching RapidID. He’s passionate about all things identity, artificial intelligence, machine learning & blockchain. In his spare time he enjoys watching the latest Netflix shows, studying cryptocurrency news & trends, and is an avid basketball fan.

John Bassilios - Special Counsel at Hall & Wilcox

John has broad experience in financial services, corporate and commercial law, with a particular emphasis on financial services.

John has acted for a wide range of financial services providers, including retail and wholesale fund managers, investment advisers, financial planners, stockbrokers, IDPS operators, and managed discretionary account providers. He has advised financial services providers on all aspects of managed investments schemes, AFSL licensing, disclosure requirements, and ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements including AML/CTF.

John also has extensive experience in advising financial services industry participants in relation to the establishment and development of various financial products, as well as the preparation of disclosure documents such as financial services guides, product disclosure statements, and information memoranda.

John has taken a keen interest in Blockchain and gained significant experience advising on, and establishing, cryptocurrency funds,  reviewing Whitepapers for ICOs and advising on the establishment of cryptocurrency exchanges. John is also currently a mentor for the RMIT Blockchain Strategy Course.

Anurag Thukral

The founder and Managing Director at STARIN Ltd.,

Anurag Thukral is the founder and Managing Director at STARIN Ltd., a fund managementand development company, registered with Australian Securities Investment Commission. STARIN holds Australian Financial Services License for capital raising, managing and as custodian of assets. Anurag is also founding member of Kazakhstan Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Chamber (KAPTIC).

Matthew Flannery

Director of Technology at Path Network

Coming from a recent background in Big 4 Consulting with Deloitte where he was involved with both commercial and internal Blockchain projects at Enterprise scale, Matt is the driving force behind Path Networks technology team, a crypto startup building a platform and decentralised mining node network that he, and international media have said will disrupt network cyber security, analytics and monitoring by paying users to “rent” their excess bandwidth. 

Path is disrupting network security, analytics and monitoring by using blockchain technology and smart contracts
Crafty BGP hijack seizes thousands of Route 53 IP addresses, leading to a crypto cyber-heist against victims of MyEtherWallert, ~150K USD stolen – Path provides a way to defend online business and personal assets and will pay you for helping
Path is a great example of a commercially viable product, backed by blockchain – supported by strong partners such as and 

Lucien Hopkinson is the Sydney GM for Liven

Focused on scaling operations across Australia, the UK & the US. Lucien has extensive prior experience helping disruptive startups grow with a strong emphasis on EQ, culture, growth operations and leadership. He is also experienced in growth hacking, UX, marketing strategy, sales and data analysis. Lucien is strongly passionately about the practical application of blockchain creating a new type of ‘intermediary’, underpinned by a core decentalised perspective on trust and transparency.


Philip Bateman MEI, MAICD.

Philip focuses on business development consulting, content production, event speaking and C-level and executive training, having spent the past 9 years as CEO and Founder of Having worked with startups through to ASX top 50, he is passionate about technology, the natural environment, society and story telling, which combine with his business studies through Asia, a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and involvement in several Chambers of Commerce and professional member organisations including the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Growing up with technology from the BBS and modem days pre ‘modern internet’, Philip has witnessed and participated in the rise, fall and rise again of Digital Currencies.

Cassandra Hawkins - Electra Project

Cassandra Hawkins is an entrepreneur with a degree in Health Science, who has loved working as a full time professional psychic healer now for well over 20 years. She has been an avid learner of all things cryptocurrency since mid 2017, and has since invested in the Electra Project early in 2018. Studying the charts and the crypto news daily, it has become somewhat of a passion for Cassandra to now share the bigger vision and scope for the blockchain with otherwise unaware people. Fascinated by the ability of data to be shared instantaneously, and the need for a better financial system, Cassandra has become an advocate for bringing more awareness to the capabilities of cryptocurrency. By imagining the mass adoption of lightning fast transactions by our societies, industries, cultures and systems, she sees the beginning of a far brighter and fairer future for all.

Rohit Verma - Partner at Scale Capital

Rohit is passionate about sharing the benefits of blockchain technology as a tool for creating efficiencies in business and also helping entrepreneurs navigate the world of ICO’s. He is a partner Scale Capital, an Australian-based technology consulting and advisory group focused on enabling organisations leverage this technology, and a director at Zoom360 a blockchain-focused development company, currently working with several organisations in healthcare, agriculture and logistics. Rohit has a wealth of real-world technology experiences / case studies to share, he has been a featured keynote speaker at Cebit and has conducted technology programs with General Assembly.

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