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Bitcoin and Blockchain Exhibition Showcase

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November 2019

ICO’s, Investments, crypto exchanges, digital wallets, crypto currencies, utility tokens, smart contracts, superannuation, fintech, education, venture capital, regulations, best practice platform services, current opportunities and what the future holds. Read more…


November 2019

Two-day Forum with over fifty speakers including founders from some of the most successful blockchain enterprises, keynote speakers, panel discussions and case studies, across the crypto and blockchain communities. Blockchain the new frintier .Read more…

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains

Learn about the exciting new opportunities in the growing ecosystems of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and how you or your company can take advantage as an early adopter

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Blockchain technologies and the Internet of Value

We are entering into a golden age of technology where the blockchain and smart contracts will bring evolution and positive change to all areas of our lives including energy, healthcare, financial services, government, education, science, supply chain, digital identity protection, voting, venture capital and much more.

What is an ICO ?

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) and Tokenomics,
Is your business or startup looking to launch an ICO, what are the options, best practice, regulations, how do i go about it, who can assist.

All this and more will be covered at Bitcoin and Blockchain Fair 2019.

Come along and hear from some of the industry leaders and innovators in the space…the future is here!



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